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I am the second oldest of a big family. I am a extreme teen for Christ. I love writing and would love to help teens through my writing. I feel like I have a lot to share with those teens that tend to be forgotten, those average christian teens! I also have a good sense of humor heehee. (sometimes)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Battle Cry!! oh and my Birthday lol

Okay so I was supposed to write to you all yesterday but too be honest I was having way too much fun and never had time. Please Forgive Me!! Yesterday we went to Party City and Decked ourselves out with Marti Gras Beads and masks. I had the coolest beads, one of them (My favorite) had a purple smiley head that was wearing a crown. When you squeezed it squeaked and blew what was supposed to be like those party favors that when you blow them they roll out flat, if that makes any sense lol. Like this except red like a tongue.

I also had one with masks, a feather boa, and a beaded green, purple, and gold crown. We all dressed up, in beads, funny bobbers, and my sister wore this awesome multi colored eyelashes lol. We actually wore this stuff out to the Movie, we saw National Treasure two, which was SO good. I am so curious about page 47. We ate shrimp and watched Game plan, also very cute. And we had blizzards from Dairy Queen, it was very fun!! So anyway it was a good day and my family made me feel wonderful and loved, definitely my best birthday ever.

On a second note, I made a Battle Cry page which I hope you will all check out. Battle cry is a great site for teenagers who want to do the Myspace thing but who are not allowed or want something that reflects them. It is full of teenagers just like you and me who have a passion for Christ. If you have ever heard of the Acquire the Fire events, the person who started battle cry runs it too. I would encourage all of you to start your own Battle Cry accounts at eventually I will have an ad banner on this page, but honestly, I haven't figured out how to do that yet lol.
Anyway, check it out, make your own, and have an awesome day!!


Blogger Curtis said...

Hmm... I might have to get a battle cry blog... I've heard about battle cry for years and I have a few friends who are on there already, but I never got one. One of my friends, Rae, goes to the Honor Academy, of which Ron Luce (from battle cry) is president. She actually goes and helps set up for Acquire the Fire, too. Or at least she will, I think.

So yea. It sounds pretty cool! I might have to link to them from my ministry site!

Sounds like you had a fun day yesterday! Catcha later, twinny!

Love and prayers,

7:34 PM  
Blogger Jessica said...

What is Rae's Battle cry username? That is awesome that she is in Honor Academy. I am watching a CNN special and it is a bit harsh but Rock On Ron Luce! He is so strong and can stand his own against people with too many opinions lol. Let me know if you get a Battle Cry!!
Sorry watching this show so distracted, talk to you later. You can also check it out with me at: It is reall, wow!

8:49 PM  

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