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Friday, June 30, 2006


"Everyone should quick to listen and slow to speak" James 1:19
Wow, that's a hard one to do. Think of how many of us break that rule everyday. I have 5 brothers and sisters running around the house. They are always talking and making noise, even in their sleeps. Most of the time I sit there thinking "I wish they would quiet down, or at least take turns." I even some times feel as if what they have to say isn't as important as what I have to say simply because they are children.
Sometimes, on the rarest occasions, I sit back and listen to what may actually be the most beautiful sounds ever, Family. That's when I realize how lucky we are that God made sounds. Can you imagine what the planet would be like if there was no sounds? We think at first that it would be blissfully silent, but eventually we would come to miss the beautiful sounds of the world and the people around.
Although we would come to appreciate all of other senses just like many terrific Deaf people, we would still miss the sound of the wind in the trees or the laugh of a friend. So next time we are going to ignore someone or simply not care what they say, think about how important the sound of that persons voice would be to us if we couldn't hear it.

The second part of the verse says to slow to speak.
Think about when you have a fabulous idea, but somebody else is talking. Inside of you the thought is welling up, you feel as if you will pop if you don't say your thought soon. You decide that you just can't wait to say it, so what do you do? Most of us interrupt the person who is talking and say are piece. The Bible says we should be slow to speak, but what if it's really important? Then is it an exception? Unfortunately, God makes no exceptions, no matter if we feel that it is just to important to keep in or not. What if the person who was talking felt that what they had to say was just as important to them? You can really hurt someone by doing that. You can send them a message that you don't care about what they have to say, even if we don't mean to. Think how you would feel if someone had done it to you.

Lets take the time today to really appreciate the sounds around us. Wherever you are just stop a minute and enjoy the sounds.

Dear God,
Thank you for creating the wonderful sounds around us.
We appreciate each and everyone of them even if we don't
show it some times. Help me to remember to be quick to listen
to all there is around me. You made such beautiful sounds
for us to enjoy. Also help us to be slow to speak, for what
others have to say is just important, if not most important.
Thank you,