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I am the second oldest of a big family. I am a extreme teen for Christ. I love writing and would love to help teens through my writing. I feel like I have a lot to share with those teens that tend to be forgotten, those average christian teens! I also have a good sense of humor heehee. (sometimes)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone

Ok so today was awesome as I am sure it was for millions of you all. Christmas is definitely the most amazing day of the year. God is so good all the time, and Christmas is definitely a great reminder of that. It is the day he sent his son, HIS SON, to die for all of us. Can you imagine such a sacrifice? Could you make such a great sacrifice? I know I would definitely have a hard time accepting that. Man he is wonderful!
I want to tell you the entire Christmas story but I want it to be the ending note. First I want to send you all a Merry Christmas as well as tell you about my Christmas. Today was a great and fun filled day. We had agreed to wake up my parents at 6am to open presents, but instead my parents surprised us by waking us up at 5am. I got to be the Christmas Elf this year and hand out all the presents.
Here is the list of what everyone got in age order lol: (except me lol)
My younger sister: a robot building kit, littlest pet shop playhouse, Webkinz stuff, and a Barbie.
My youngest brother: a Dronkey, a comic book, a razor scooter and all the equipment.
My other younger brother: a CD, a video game, a robot, and a camcorder.
My older sister: a bunch of scrap booking stuff and a sweater
My mom: a candle, an MP3 player, a drawing, and a pencil holder.
My dad: clothes, a light up musical tie (heehee), and a flat screen TV
And I got: a CD, a teacher, and a Date to meet with my favorite author Karen Kingsbury!!! I am so excited!! On January 5th my mom and I are going to a Women’s Conference and we are going to meet her there!! I am super excited (as I am sure you couldn’t tell lol).
But now it is time to talk about the most important thing of the day, Jesus. Every year my dad tells us the Nativity story, and every year he has a different take on it. This year told it from the angle of giving up your dreams for the Lord. I mean can you imagine what it must have been like for Mary and Joseph? Mary probably had dreams of having a loving family with a man she knew could be trusted and who would keep her safe during this harsh time. Joseph had been told his whole life that this was the generation and that he could be destined for greatness. They were both following all the rules and going in the way they thought was the big plan. Mary was waiting for her husband and learning how to be a wife. Joseph had started his career and was about to start his own family, well of course waiting for the greatness that was supposed to befall, maybe a messiah. Than he finds out that the women that he was supposed to marry was pregnant, and she claims it was God’s child. And Mary had to deal with the fact that she had nothing but faith and her word to prove that the child was the child of God. But they made the decision to put aside the dreams or plans that they thought was for their lives and go with the plan that God gave them. I mean what if Joseph decided not to marry Mary; what if he decided that he was too busy waiting around for his destiny. I mean to Joseph it probably seemed like he was trading in his destiny. I mean how was he to know how big it was going to be, how was he to know that this was his destiny.
This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t dream big, but it does mean that we should always listen to the ever present voice of God. God dreams bigger for us than we ever dream for ourselves. He knows our ultimate destiny. We just have to listen and wait for the star to guide us.
Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas filled with the true love and the true gift from our savior.
Your sister always,

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Back By Popular Demand

Back by popular demand, and so you guys don’t think I fell of the face of the Earth, I thought I would finally do that update I owe you.

Life has been crazy around here. Between finals, field trip, and Holiday stuff, the days are just flying by. This for me is good because I am SO EXICTED about Christmas!! There are only 3 days and I am trying not to watch the clock so much. Why is it that the time flies by when you don’t want it too but it slows down when you get excited about something?! I really don’t understand it myself, but oh well.
So I was trying to decide whether to write out the Nativity story or tell you all what I have been up to. I decided to start with a me update and than do the other one maybe Christmas day or something, that is of course if I remember.
So let’s start with school. In school I am actually kind of sad it is ending, well at least one class. Remember all the funny stuff I have been posting? Well that is from my Critical Thinking class which is so fun. I am actually the class clown, which I have never been before, but this class brings out the fun in me. I am the youngest one in my class, but I have made some really good friends with a couple of the ladies in my class, who really don’t seem to mind what age I am. We just laugh and have a good time. Sometimes we will “Sing” songs in our class forum by taking turns writing the song lines lol. But alas it is coming to an end which means the dreaded finals. I truly never understood why people hated finals, since I was home-schooled and finals were like the report I needed to turn into mom. I mean we had tests, but they were no big deal because they were state issued based on the performance of the average public school kid, I passed with flying colors. But know I truly understand and I am sorry for anyway I have ever laughed at (which I don’t think is anyone but I night have been thinking it). Anyway for finals I have to analyze a bunch of argument type articles and write a 1500 words essay about healthy eating. I am done though and it is due tomorrow and than I am done until after the 7th of next year, so I guess I can stop complaining lol!!
For Christmas Mi Familia is going to keep it simple and remember the real reason and the true gift of the season. On Christmas Eve we are going to open one present (Which is always PJ’s). Than we are going to snack on Cheese and crackers while we watch Christmas Vacation. Than we will try hard to sleep, because for some reason it is impossible to sleep on Christmas Eve, apparently the sand man takes that night off. Than we will wake up early and before we open our presents and stocking my dad will tell the Christmas story. My dad is an awesome story teller and always tells it in a way that puts it in a context we can relate to. Than after the story we take turns opening presents, oohing and awing over all the fabulous gifts. This year we did a secret Santa and I drew my little brother Alex, whose thing right now is dragons and comics. So I got him a Dronkey (from Shrek) and a Powermark Comic (a Christian comic book that he loves). The Secret Santa is not very secret because no one in my family can keep a secret. So I know that my other younger brother Michael has me. Oh well! I am sure it will be fun anyway. After all the gifts and a family brunch, we are going to go see the movie Alvin and The Chipmunks!! It will be super fun! We saw Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium for Thanksgiving and it was really good (although I missed the ending because my little sister had to go to the Bathroom, but that is another story)
Anyhoo that is what I have been up to. I hope this update is good enough, and that you guys don’t fee abandoned lol. I will post again soon, hopefully the Christmas story or at least another chapter of Worrywart, which has also been ignored.
Happy Holidays All!!!
Your Sister in Christ always,

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