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I am the second oldest of a big family. I am a extreme teen for Christ. I love writing and would love to help teens through my writing. I feel like I have a lot to share with those teens that tend to be forgotten, those average christian teens! I also have a good sense of humor heehee. (sometimes)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hard work pays off

So since I wrote to you guys when I finished my finals I thought it was time for an update in that department. I got great grades for those classes, ending both of them with a B. That is pretty good if I do say so myself.
This next term is going really good. My teachers are really great. One of them is a retired Air force officer. He is really laid back and very funny. My other teacher is very professional but very helpful!
Anyway friends, have a happy and safe Halloween. My family is full of people who aren't feeling well, so we are keeping it simple this year. We are going to visit all our neighborhood friends and get candy from them. my little sis is Bo peep, one brother is going as David and the other is going as an elf from lord of the rings. My mom is going to where funny fake eyelashes and long funny nails. I am wearing a blue fairy costume. The whole family is in on the action!! I hope you all have fun but remember to be safe to. Be responsible and also remember that where ever you go you are an example of God so live how he would live. Halloween is a great holiday for temptation but I now all my brothers and sisters in Christ will have the strength to steer away. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers tonight. My the Lord bless you all with safety and LOTS OF CANDY!!
Your sister in Christ,

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Jesus take the wheel

Ever heard this song by Carrie Underwood? Well i am the kind of girl that gets inspiration from songs. This song really grabbed me though. I love the meassage of the whole thing. Jesus take the wheel, control our lives, drive the car. Sometimes we really think we want to be in charge, we want to be in charge, but of course when something goes wrong we blame God. But can you imagine how wonderful life would be if we really let God take the wheel? Taking it completly from our hands.
So here you go god, Jesus take the wheel.
Good Night all!
I am in a sweet big sister mood so here is a kiss goodnight and a sweet dreams. know where ever you are there is a sweet big sister watching out for you who will protect you from anything, even if I am younger than some of you lol.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Who needs Utube

People people hear me hear me. Check this out! if you thought you needed UTube you will LOVE this. I find this hilarious. Everyone introducing Godtube.com. It is really awesome and amazingly funny! I would suggest the video Baby Got Book. It is really funny!! Anyway all check it out it is fun and hilarious!!
Your hysterically laughing sister in Christ,

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Another dose of Worrywart

Alright I know there has been a lot of blogs lately but what can I say i love to write. Check out the latest in the latest Worrywart installment. Recap Roi is a 6 yr old girl who loves to worry. She has a mom, dad ,and a 12 yr old sister. *Edit BTW last time I said her sister was 11 but I realized that it didn't fit. She is 12* We found out that she has a new very big worry. If you need more specifics check out my original post.

Chapter 2- Going to Kates
Summer is the best time of the year. You can swim in your pool, eat ice cream, and play with your sister with out her having to leave for school. School is boring; school is the number one place I do not want to go. I am sure that Mom will never make me go there, that is one worry I do not have. Only older siblings go to school anyways, like Jamie or Tommy Shaines older brother Matthew. I hate school because school means that Jamie has to leave and I love Jamie soooo much. The house is too boring with out her there to make me laugh, or read me stories, or make up funny games. But she has to go 5 days a week when summer is over and I have to stay home, bored, alone.
That is why I love summer. Right now Mom and I are going to Kate’s Jewelry Emporium to shopping for a gift for Jamie. We are buying her a gift because it is almost her birth day, and not just any birthday but her 13th birthday! She is going to be officially a teenager. She keeps going around the house talking about how she is “practically an adult”. Jamie turning 13 is something that will have a page in my Worry Journal.

Worry Journal
July 19th 10:33am

Jamie is turning 13. I have a list of things to worry about.

1. What will Jamie do about zits? Henry Wheeler’s sister Rebecca has zits and she is always talking about how much she hates them. I heard she even puts toothpaste on her face! How very strange.
2. What if Jamie becomes a completely different person? What if she wakes up on the day of her birthday with different hair, face, skin color, everything? And what if I don’t even recognize her? What if she is standing right in front of me and I don’t even know who she is? Who will I give her gift to?

“Mom,” I asked in my most serious voice, the one I specially reserve just for worries.
“Yes Rori honey?” she answered turning her head slightly to look at me and smile, and than turn back to look at the road.
“Mom, when Jamie turns 13, will she suddenly turn into an alien and I won’t recognize her under all the green skin and antennas?”
See the best thing to do with worries is to tell them to Mommies. Mommies can solve any worry imaginable, from aliens to monsters under your bed. It doesn’t even have to be your mommy specifically, just a mommy. Even Robert Salder down the streets mommy. Mommies always have the right answer and they don’t laugh at you quietly behind their hand like daddies do. My dad does that all the time, the other day he did that and tried to pretend he was coughing.
“Rori honey, Jamie will always be Jamie, without any green skin even when she turns 397, ok? Plus wouldn’t we still love Jamie even with green skin?” She said doing some more smiling that made me feel all warm inside. I imagined Jamie with green skin and began to laugh. It would be hard to have a sister with green skin but at least she would make a good show and tell. I started to feel a little better, but I still kept the worry at the back of my mind so I could worry about it later.
“Here we are honey,” Mom said pulling into the parking lot. I got out of the car and looked up at Kate’s. Kate’s is one of the fanciest places in town, maybe even in the whole world. The front of it reminded me of a palace with a red carpet that led up the steps.

There is more but not typed up. Sorry to leave you a cliff hanger. Tell me what you think!
Your sister in Christ,

The Twenty first time

So I just heard this song on the radio today and had to find and share it. It is amazing and really gets you thinking. I am not sure how to add music or videos or else I would add the song. here is the lyrics though.

“nowhere to live, nowhere to fall
he used to have money, but he’s wasted it all
his face is a photograph burned in my mind
but i pretend not to see him for the twenty-first time

he sleeps under stars, that’s all he can afford
his blankets and an old coat he’s had since the war
he stands on the corner of carter and vine
but i pretend not to see him for the twenty-first time

he may be a drifter, he’s grown old and gray
what if he’s Jesus and i walk away?
i say i’m the body and drink of the wine
but i pretend not to see him for the twenty-first time

she’s twenty-nine but she feels forty-eight
she can’t raise three kids on minimum wage
she’s cryin’ in back of the welfare line
but i pretend not to see her for the twenty-first time

she may be a stranger tryin’ to get through the day
but what if it’s Jesus and i walk away?
i say i’m the body and drink of the wine
but i pretend not to see her for the twenty-first time

this is a call for a change in my heart
i realize that i’ve not been doin’ my part
when i needed a Savior, i found it in Him
He gave to me, now i’ll give back to them

drifter or stranger, father or son
i’ll look for Jesus in every one
’cause i am the body and drink of the wine
and i’m thankful there’s more than the twenty-first time”

~ “the twenty-first time”… by monk & neagle

Hope that makes everyone think.
Have a great day all!
Your sister always,

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Have you ever?

Have you ever thought you wanted to be something that it runs out you hate or have no talent in. for instance I wanted to be a teacher at one point but I hate school. OK I don't hate it but I really just am glad it is almost done. I also wanted to be an editor. i was actually pretty good at finding common mistakes and I love to read so some one actually told me that I would make a good editor. But it turns out I really don't know that much about grammar, go figure. I even thought I might want to be a celloist and I could even play the Cello, but I found it kind of boring. Even now I have the things that I want to do that I am not really sure about. For example I thing I want to join the Air force. I think military is an amazing career choice plus I like what they do and what they stand for. But I have my doubts about basic. I am told that physically it is not to shabby but emotionally you need to be prepared. Well see that is my weak point, I am emotional. So who knows about that.
Also I love to write and have every intention to be a writer but than there is that ever present doubt, is this what God want me too do? I mean don't to serve God you have to become a nun or something? I wonder what job could I do where my talents better serve God?
But I have come to a semi conclusion all and I want to share it with you. I still don't know all the answers, and I still feel the everyday things around me that tell me I should make a decision, but I have chosen instead a verse. Fully rely on God. I am going to FROG it people. Fully rely means not sometimes, not when you have all the answers, not when it is easy, but always and fully. So no more worrying and wondering. Although I am sure there will be lapses, I am certainly not perfect, but I am going to try. And I would suggest to all of you who I know are out there struggling with this to FROG it along with me. God will provide we just need to learn pateince and as God said in Evan Almighty (OK Morgan Freeman playing God but still) God doesn't give you a direct boost of patience, he gives us opportuinties to grow our patience and to grow our faith. Now we have to do our part.

Thank you for always providing.
Help me too see when you do
and help me to wait and rely.
I plan to FROG it for awhile God
so it might be a bumpy ride lol.
Love you and thanks for a beautiful day!

Have an awesome day all!
Your sister in Christ,

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Getting old(er)

Yesterday my older sister moved out. It is a very strange feeling. Its like she is still living here but than i remember she isn't. I know that sounds dumb but my sister and I have always been together and she has always been part of the picture so it just seems like she is still here. I find myself walking into the garage, expecting her apartment to be there, and I keep expecting her to wake me up early in the morning when she gets home from work. It is really weird that she isn't living here anymore. I know it has only been one day but still.
My sister and i used to be really close. We were the youngest girls and she was the only one I could talk into playing Barbies with me. We began to grow apart as she made friends and became concerned with being popular. Our main focuses changed and we really got our personalities. I finally realized how different we really were. She is kind of loud and loves to be social and have people like her. I am really quiet but at the same time I am really friendly to people, particularly the underdogs or anyone who is left out. Also she doesn't really know who she wants to be and I have very set moral and character standards. Sometimes I think my head is in this fantasy that we are the worlds best sisters but in reality we have never really gotten along.
But either way I still love her and miss her. She is my big sister and the house feels incomplete with out her. The strange thing is that we are actually getting along better know. I think we were constantly rubbing each other the wrong way and it built up a lot of tension. Now when she comes I don't get that tense angry feeling I used to, know I am more relaxed and we just talk and hang out like, well sisters.
Anyway I am almost 18, my baby sister is in the third grade, my baby brother is turning 16 and graduating this year, and my youngest baby brother is officially a teenager, and to a certain degree it is really sad. I almost wish I could rewind time and turn them all into little kids again because I don't really want all of it to end. I really don't want my childhood to be over that fast. But I do love watching them mature. I love watching them become these wonderful people I knew they would be and it makes me look forward to the future. Things like their future careers, spouses, children.
So here is to growing up. It is the most bitter sweet experience ever but it is about that silver lining again.
Thanks for listening,

Dear God,
Thank you.
I know you made change for a reason.
And just like the leaves that are changing colors,
the world around me is adapting and changing into knew life.
Help me to see the silver lining to everyday
and to accept these changes as the wonderful blessing you have made it to be.
I love you

Your sister in Christ,

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Well I know I said the next blog would be about fear but that will have to come next because I had to write this. I just, as in I just turned it in, finished a 1500 word student survival guide for my finals. It was one of the hardest and most boring finals I have ever had to do but I am glad I finished. I feel good, a sense of accomplishment. And now of course my whole typing is thrown off, more than usual, because I have been typing for about 2hrs and it is 10:30 at night. Basically I am ecstatic and all I can think off is really weird thoughts such as, I love the TV show Chuck. Chuck is the funniest show ever. And i wish my rhapsody account worked and I wonder what my next finals will be....etc Apparently I am really tired but I feel good. I finished, still one left but it is easy. I will have it finished within a half an hour.. tomorrow. Tonight I am calling it quits and going to bed. The only down fall is that the next term starts on monday, bummer!
Anyway I had to brag and feel good about myself so thank you for joining in. Good Night all!
Your relieved but slightly loopy sister in christ,

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Theres gotta be more to life

Anyone heard this Stacie Orrico Song? Well I am listening to it well I write this and it makes me think of how true it is. Sometimes I get sick of same old same old. I want to break out of this box that myself and the world have put me in. I would be so different I think that I would even surprise myself, because inside of me there is this incredibly hyper and outgoing person, which for some reason only comes out when I write. You know those people in church who can dance, scream, and sing at the top of their lungs; praising God with everything they have inside of them? Well inside of me there is that person. You know the person who smiles so bright and are so warm that they are friends and lights to everyone? Deep down I am that person. What keeps that person stuffed down there? I have an idea. It is a big ugly word. FEAR. I am afraid to be that person sometimes. Sometimes I can scream in church, sometimes I can be super silly, and sometimes I am the biggest beacon of light that anyone has ever seen. But other times I am too afraid to let that person show. I think God designed that person for a reason, a way to bring people to Christ. I think that is why my writing is what I love to use to express to all of you. Because it is the way I can truly express my core. I am trying to let that person out in public, and not to whine for more in life. For now though I am going to allow life as it is, and use each and everyday as an opportunity to be that person. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Even dance like no one is watching.
Try and be that person today. Be yourself and nobody else because if you don't who will?

Dear God,
Thank you for making us the way we are.
Sometimes we don't like it and beg for more,
but you made us this way for a reason.
Help us to be ourselves
and to let that inner self we keep hidden out.
We know we can do everything with your strength,
so help us to lean on it.
In you name,

Have a great day everyone. Go be a beacon!
Your sister in Christ always,

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Every had a busy day? Never I am sure. Of course, we all have. Today I am having a busy day, in fact I don't even really have time to write this but, hey I make time lol. And don't get me wrong either, I am the kind of person who prefers to be busy instead of doing nothing all day.
But Today I was realized that I need to slow down and stop a bit. i need to stop and take time to be with God. He is the one who will carry me through this crazy day and he will be the one calming my nerves along the way, So shouldn't I pause to take a moment for him. It is like with any sports team before the game starts you all meet up and talk about the game. You also give each other encouragement. Imagine what it would be like if everyone on the team just got out there and immediately started playing. They didn't get together in a huddle first, or discuss who would be starting, they just met and played. Although that can work in street games where rules are forgotten, it would make a real game very confusing. None of the players would know the play or what they were supposed to be doing.
It is the same thing with God. When we meet with him in the morning, before we start are day, and spend some time with him, we will be more prepared for the game of life. he gives us are "plays" in the bible verses we read. And he gets us hyped for the game by his encouraging words in prayer. Alone times with God is important, not so we can check off on our good behavior chart "OK I prayed today, now I am .2% a better christian than Curtis" It is so we can grow with God so we can make it through the day with are feet firmly planted. That is important, probably most important. So all I pass along this hard learned, still learning lesson. Spend daily time with God, no matter how busy your day gets, because with out are feet firmly planted on the rock, we will fall into the sand.

I am sorry that I let my day get in the way of spending time with you.
Help me to put you first because you have always put me first.
Please plant my feet firmly on your rock today my lord,
and help me to keep my head above the water.
I thank you for the day you have given me and
I thank You for walking it with me.
I love you.
Your daughter,

Have a good day all! I am back to more crazy days!
God Bless!
Your sister in Christ,

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

New story

Ok people this is the first chapter of my new story. It is about a little girl who loves to worry. Let me know what you think!

Chapter 1: Meet Worrywart!

Hi my name is Worrywart! Well actually, not really, but that is what everyone calls me. I am a worrier, naturally and through and through. See the story goes like this:

My real name is Rory White. I live in Chitanuga, Chicago with in a small apartment. It is kind of cramped but cozy for us. “Us” is me, my parents, and my older sister Jamie. Plus skipper, my turtle. When I was born my older sister Jamie couldn’t talk good (she was not as good a talker at 6 as I am. She tells me that all the time.). Anyway, Jamie used to call me Wori and it kind of stuck. Even would Jamie could talk she and mom and dad still called me Wori.
Than when I was 3, mom left me in a grocery store by accident. I stayed by the meat section for hours (mom said it was only 5 minutes but I am not so sure). I worried the whole time. That is when I realized, there are lots of things in life to worry about. For instance, what do you do if your Mom accidentally leaves you with the hamburger? Or what would we do if Jamie was abducted by aliens? See what I mean, there are plenty of things to worry about so many in fact that some things get neglected. So that is when I became an official worrier, someone has to be right? I mean what would all those worries do if no one worried them? (That is definitely another thing to worry about). I have a Worry Journal where I write down all of my worries. It is big and has a green cover with one of those weird worry faces you get at the therapist. I keep track of every worry I have and when I had the worry. Someday I can look back and see what worries I had and which ones have been neglected. That way the neglected ones can be worried again.

Anyway, Wori became Worry and later Jamie tagged on the wart. So know I am Worrywart! Everyone I know calls me that (except from Grandma Ruth) and I like it! I like to worry; I mean who else is going to if I don’t? We have to defend the worries of the world!

So that is me, Worrywart. I am 6 years old. I have an 11 year old sister, and my Mom and Dad. But most importantly I love to worry. That is the number one thing to remember about me, because it has to do with the story I need to tell you. It is the story of my biggest worry. I have never had a worry this big before! This one is really, really BIG!
Let me start from the beginning…

Comment about what you think! I need honest feedback here all, so tell me what you liked and what I can fix.
God Bless all!
Your Sister in Christ!

You know you are a homeschooler if...

I do not know if I ever mentioned this but I am homeschooled. Well actually technically I was Homeschooled but now I am graduated and do college online. But anyway I found this on christianteens.net and thought I would share it with you.

You Might Be a Homeschooler If....
You come to school in your PJ's.
Your biology lab consists of assisting in your sibling's birth.
Your stacks of books to check out is taller than the librarian.
Your PE comes from chasing little toddlers around.
Your school bus is a 9 passenger van.
You consider school work after lunch to be cruel and unusual punishment.
Your father has ever told the check-out lady at Wal-mart, "We're on a field trip."
Your social life is viewed by some to be one rung lower than that of a Benedictine monk.
Your teacher has ever written your report card on a napkin.
You have to move dirty laundry off your desk before your can start school.
The signatures on your diploma all end with the same last name.
Everyone else in the world is referred to as "Non-homies."
Your Mother's wardrobe consists primarily of denim jumpers.
Your first real date is on your honeymoon.
The word 'homework' sounds like an foreign language.
Your yearbook is also your babybook.
A snow day means that you shovel the driveway after you finish your school work.
You enjoy the pastime of watching public school kids walk home from school.
You have to look at the clock to see if you can call your public school friends yet.
You think that public-school-kid is an insult of the highest degree.
Health class consists of eating breakfast.
You have to decide what year you want to graduate.
You are always late but just call it "homeschooler time."
You can remember nearly every single day you went to public school.
The teacher can kiss the principal, and no one thinks it's unusual.
You get to school and the teacher asks you if you've done all your chores.
You are one of the best people in the world! :)

Heehee, hope that made you laugh.
Again just wanted to add,i did not write this. You can check it out on its original webpage, www.christianteens.net Check the site out see if you like it!

See you all later. Enjoy your day!