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I am the second oldest of a big family. I am a extreme teen for Christ. I love writing and would love to help teens through my writing. I feel like I have a lot to share with those teens that tend to be forgotten, those average christian teens! I also have a good sense of humor heehee. (sometimes)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I Am

This is a Poem by My little sister Maya. I hope you like it because she worked really hard on it. She didn't have time to submit it to a poetry contest at her school, but I think it could have one. Enjoy everyone!!

I Am
By Maya

I am a Bird
A Goose
A swan
A flock of ravens
A beautiful flower in bloom
A rare diamond
A Graceful dancer
but mostly, I am myself.

Have a great day you all and God Bless!
Your big and Little sisters in Christ,
Jessica and Maya

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Worrywart- Chapter 3

Okay a couple of updates and quick blurbs (don't you love that word?) by me and than I will post a new chapter of Worrywart. I sincerely hope you guys are enjoying it. I know it is more for little kids, but you all are my peeps, and I need all your help to tell me if it is good, or if it really stinks lol. So far I have gotten good reviews from it but you never know.
Okay, Okay I said updates. So here is the updates I have:
Number one- School started again and I am not sure I ever mentioned it in my blog. I am about to go into the 4th week, each term is separated into 9 weeks. I am taking a research writing course which is pretty cool, the teacher lets us call him Doc lol. I am also taking a Cultural Diversity course and sometimes it can really test a girls faith. A lot of the stuff they teach in this course can be really controversial and you can definitely step on some toes, so Prayers for that all.
Number two- It is now actually 10 days until my 18th birthday and I am super excited!! It sounds like the plan is that we will got out to dinner on my actual birthday day and invite some friends and family. Than that weekend we will head down to the beach and stay the night. Just remember all the theme is Marti Gras so there will be a lot of seafood lol.
Number three- I know this will come as a shock to all of you but sometimes I make writing mistakes that I don't even notice until A. Someone points it out (Now who could that be?) or B. I reread my work and can't understand it. So for all of you who have been reading my writing I apologize lol. I just reread Worrywart to my siblings and realized how many unintentional errors were in it. Some were on purpose because it was the language of a 6 year old, but others is all the writers fault, which well, means me. Anyway sorry and Hopefully I kept you laughing.
Now on to Worrywart. I should warn you it is a long one, 6 pages on Word, but it is worth it. I read it to my Bros and sis and they were laughing. They especially liked when I referred to the Union Jack as the Flap Jack, which was on purpose by the way for all of you who think I have finally gone of the deep end. Anyway with out further interruption from yours truly:
Chapter 3- The Wonders of the Backroom

When you walk into the backroom of Kate’s store, you would think you had walked into a different world. When you open the door the first thing you see is a huge flag of England painted on the back wall, I think it is called the Flap Jack. On all the other walls are shelves full of knick-knacks and fun stuff from England. There was a sculpture of the Queen of England, snow globes with castles, and miniature Flap Jack flags that you can hold in your hand, plus much more. There were also boxes of fuzzy scarves and long fuzzy coats that drug behind me as I walked. But my absolute favorite thing was a sparkly Tiara that Kate kept on a lower shelf so I could reach it. It was a beautiful silver Tiara with three peaks that had a gem on each peak; a diamond in the middle and a blue one on each side. I t looked just like something a princess would where.
Sometimes Kate would tell me stories about where it had come from and what princesses had worn it. She always had a different story every time I came. One time it had belonged to Cinderella herself, another time it had belonged to a long lost princess who finally came to save her city from destruction. But my favorite version is when it belonged to Princess Diana. Princess Diana is definitely me favorite princess because she started out as just a normal girl like me. She was honest and kind and people really loved her.
I loved playing dress-up with all of the fancy clothes, and I always wore the crown. Today I put on a long fuzzy pink coat, white gloves, and of course the tiara which I put on top of a large, pink hat. The backroom also had a pretty white tea table shaped like a flower. There was matching white chairs with flower shaped, pink seat cushions. I sat at the table and pretended that I was Princess Diana. I would imagine people fighting all around but I would just sit there calm and peaceful.
“Dear people,” I said with a voice like Kate’s. “Do not fight so. Instead get along and hug each other. We can all be friends and share all our toys with each other. Act more like me, a princess.” Than I imagined all the people stop fighting and hug each other. Than they would all sit on the floor and play with their toys, the boys played with trains and the girls played dress-up. Than we would all sit at the table and drink some tea, because English people like a lot of tea.
That’s when I had another thought that I had to write down in my worry journal. I pulled it out of my pocket and wrote it down:

July 19th
Don’t know what time it is a.m. or p.m. or whatever

Worry thought- Did Princess Diana worry? I mean Mommy said that everyone worries, but was she a worrywart like me? Is there a law that Princesses aren’t allowed to worry? Do they have someone who worries for them? And what makes tiaras so itchy?

I itched my head so much that me tiara finally fell off my head. I reached down to grab it just as the door opened. I quickly sat up straight and put the tiara back on my head. I was sitting as gracefully as I could when Kate and Mom came in.
“Oh excuse your Majesty,” Mom said bowing. I giggled because I had fooled Mommy.
“Your Majesty, have you seen Rori around anywhere?” Mom said looking around the room for me, not realizing I was sitting right in front of her.
“Oh Hello dears, no need to be excused. I am Princess Diana, the nicest Princess in the World.” I said in my most regal Princess Diana voice.
“Oh my, I should have guessed,” She said bringing her hand to her mouth.
“Who is this Rori you were asking about? I don’t know anyone named Rori,” I said.
“Oh Rori is my daughter; she is 6 years old, has blond hair and blue eyes, about 3 and a half feet tall. She has a great imagination but she does tend to be a little mischievous.”
“Hmm, no I am afraid I have not seen her. Very sorry dear.” I said shrugging my shoulders.
“Oh bummer, that’s okay princess, I am just not sure who is going to help me look through all these jewelry. See it is my daughter’s birthday and Rori was supposed to help me pick out a present. Guess I will have to just pick it out on my own. Nice meeting you Princess,” Mom said starting to walk out the door. I panicked; I didn’t want Mommy to pick out Jamie’s gift without me!
“Wait Mommy!” I chased after her tripping over the long coat. “It’s me Mommy, it’s me, please wait!” I hurried over to her as fast as I could, trying to take of the coat as I ran but just managing to get more tangled.
“Oh Rori, there you are. Where did you come from?” She said, saving me from the evil coat monster in one quick move and than began to remove the rest of the dress-up clothes.
“Please don’t leave without me Mommy; I want to help pick out Jamie’s present too.” I was really worried that Mom had planned on doing it without me.
Mom laughed “Oh Rori, my silly Worrywart, I was just playing with you,” she said ruffling my hair. She grabbed me hand and we walked towards the jewelry counter. We began to look in all the cases for the perfect Jamie gift. There were tons of pretty, sparkly bracelets and earrings. There were rings of all different sizes and designs. Some had huge gems on them, and others just had shapes in the ring. There were plenty of beautiful things, just nothing perfect for Jamie. Jamie is a very special big sister, thus she needs a very special gift. She needed something that would show her how much Mom, Dad, and I love her.
I looked up at Mom, who had walked ahead of me a bit. She had a very serious look on her face that told me she was thinking the same thing. I walked over to join her and looked at the jewelry in the case in front of her.
“Umm, Mommy,” I said.
“Huh? Oh yes Rori?” She said looking like she hadn’t eve noticed I was there.
“There are some many pretty things here.”
“Yes, your right, there are. Makes it kind of hard to choose huh?”
“Well that’s the thing Mommy. These are all really pretty, but none of them are perfect for Jamie.”
Mommy frowned and sighed “I know,” was all she said, but it was enough.
:Its okay Mommy, we will just keep looking until we find it. I mean there is bound to be…” I stopped and stared in to the case. Mom didn’t notice that I had stopped talking because she was staring too. In the case was the most beautiful locket, and the perfect gift for Jamie. It was a shaped like a heart with a bunch of different colored gems on the front. It dazzled and sparkled in a way that caught your eye immediately, it was perfect for Jamie! Mom asked Kate if she would take it out of the case so we could look at it closer.
“Which one? Oh that one? Oh Helen you are not seriously thinking this is the right gift for a teenager?” But Kate pulled it out of the case anyway and handed it to Mom.
“No Kate, I am thinking this is the best gift for Jamie,” Mom said looking at Kate for a second and than turning her attention back to the locket. I looked up at Kate who had a shocked look on her face; I don’t think she was expecting that reaction from Mom. I could tell that Kate didn’t think it was the right gift for Jamie, but I did! I could already imagine Jamie wearing it and how pretty it was going to look on her neck.
“Oh my, Rori Listen to this. Oh how perfect this is, in side the Locket it says ‘Special one, you are always in our Heart’ isn’t that just perfect for Jamie?” Mom said sounding excited. I started to get excited too, this gift was absolutely perfect for Jamie!! The words said perfectly the way we feel about Jamie! Mom handed me the locket so I could look at it closer and we walked towards the check-stand. I noticed there was a place for us to put a picture in their too.
“Mommy look, you can put a picture inside! What picture should we put inside it?” I asked, showing her the spot where we could put the picture.
“Well, why don’t we put a picture of our family in there? That way Jamie will know how important she is to the family and to our hearts. Sound good?” It sounded perfect to me!
“Okay Mommy, but it will have to be an awfully small picture.” Mom giggled.
Kate came up to the counter to ring it up, but even though Mom had handed it to her, she still didn’t ring it up. All she did was look at Mom, sigh, and roll her eyes.
“Now Helen really, Jamie is turning 13, not 7. This would be a great gift for Rori, but not for a young woman like Jamie. I know you don’t want her to grow up and you want her to be your baby forever, but Helen, Jamie is a young woman now. Don’t you think you should get her something more grown up? Like how about this wonderful pearl collection?” Kate said, gesturing towards the jewelry set of white beady jewelry. It didn’t look very special to me.
“Come on Kate, where is Jamie going to where pearls? I don’t even where pearls, no offense. Besides Jamie is still Jamie, she might be very mature for her age but the truth is she is still a child. And even if she was, Jamie will love this locket; it is exactly the thing Jamie would pick out if she was here herself.”
“Well maybe that is the solution, maybe you should let Jamie come in and pick out the jewelry herself.”
Mom huffed “No Kate, Rori and I wanted to pick her out something special. Besides I am Jamie’s mother, I know what she likes. You know I don’t by into that whole teenager nonsense and neither does Jamie.” Mom said sounding frustrated. Than she took a deep breath and began talking again, calmer this time, “Listen Kate, I appreciate the help I really do, you always have such great fashion advice. But see the thing is, I want to teach my kids to just love being themselves and not to conform to what the world tells them about being a teenager. Jamie knows that just because she is turning 13 doesn’t make her suddenly grow up, and she likes it that way. This locket expresses exactly how we feel and what we want to teach her, okay?”
Kate looked at Mom for a second, with a mix of emotions playing on her face. Than she smiled and said “You are right Helen, I am sorry. I should have known better than to pick a fight with you, you always could hold your own,” she said chuckling. “Jamie will love it I am sure. You’re her mother and you know best. But you have definitely got some spunk girl.” She and mom shared a laugh, and I looked on with confusion. I have no idea what just happened, all I know is that Kate was now ringing up the necklace and putting it is a special box. Mom stuck it in her purse and we headed for the door.
“Thanks Kate, oh by the way, do you plan on joining us for dinner tomorrow?” She said turning around and looking at Kate.
“Oh you know, I will probably stop by and drop off a gift for Jamie, but I doubt I will stay. I know you guys like to keep it a family affair.”
Oh but Kate you are family.”
‘Thank Hon, I will see you tomorrow.”
“Okay Kate, see you around.” Mom said, and we headed out the door. I waved good bye to Kate and she smiled and waved back.
“Bye my sweets, Have a fantastic day!” She called.
As we got in the car I thought about the gift that Mom had put in the seat beside me. Jamie was really going to love it. She deserved a gift like that; she was my best friend, because she actually liked me, not like Kenny’s older sister who won’t be seen with him in public. That’s when I had an idea; I could make Jamie a friendship bracelet for her birthday!
“Hey Mom, when we get home will you help me make a friendship bracelet for Jamie’s birthday?”
“Sure sweetie.” This was going to be the best birthday ever!

Okay all, if any of you are still here by this point, I hope you liked it. Give me any feedback you have, even if it is "Umm Jess, who is Worrywart? What the heck are you talking about?" Keep in mind all the Worrywart stories are in the archives so if you missed some or never read it check it out. The first post is called A New Story.
Anyway you probably need a breather after that so I am going to let you go.
I am sending you all much big sister love!! Enjoy your day!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ecclesiastes 3 or Happy birthday to me!! (Almost)

It is 21 days until my 18th birthday and than I will be an adult, still a teenager but officially an adult. Wow, how time sure does seem to fly and how wonderful and scary it is. Oh I mean not that it is not going to be a blast, I mean it is going to be the bomb!! In fact this year my birthday falls on Marti Gras' Fat Tuesday, something I have known since I was 13. Ever since than I have been planning my 18th birthday party and it is going to be wonderful!! My mom and I are already picking out supplies and planning so it will be great.
But I do think about when I was about 8 and my sister and I used to play pretend. We would pretend that we were 16 or 18 and it seemed like an eternity a way than. But now my sister is turning 20, no longer a teen, and I am going to be 18 an adult.
God gives us verses for these times, as he does all times in all times of our lives. This is my favorite verse because it makes me laugh, and cry and dance. Yep that's right Ecclesiastes 3, a time and season for everything. Here it is:

1 There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under heaven:

2 a time to be born and a time to die,
a time to plant and a time to uproot,

3 a time to kill and a time to heal,
a time to tear down and a time to build,

4 a time to weep and a time to laugh,
a time to mourn and a time to dance,

5 a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
a time to embrace and a time to refrain,

6 a time to search and a time to give up,
a time to keep and a time to throw away,

7 a time to tear and a time to mend,
a time to be silent and a time to speak,

8 a time to love and a time to hate,
a time for war and a time for peace.

So I wanted to take this opportunity to not only tell my friends about my Birthday, but also to talk about how there are good times and bad times but God is there through it all.
Good Night My Dear Brothers and sisters. I hope that as you sleep and in bad times you know that not only is your heavenly father looking out for you but you have an older sister who is praying for you and their for you to lean on.
Sleep sweet my dears!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

WorryWart- More about Kate's

OK so here is some more of Worrywart and what has been going on at Kate's Jewelery Emporium. There is lots of fun in this conversation between Kate and Rori's mom. In case you haven't read yet, Rori is a 6 year old girl who loves to worry. Right now she is preparing for her older sister Jamie's 13th birthday party. If you want to read the beginning of Worrywart check out my previous posts entitled A new story and another dose of Worrywart.
I got out of the car and looked up at Kate’s. Kate’s is one of the fanciest places in town, maybe even in the whole world. The front of it reminded me of a palace with a red carpet that led up the steps and huge gold rails on either side. This led to huge double doors with pretty glass in the shape of a diamond. Inside the store was tons of shiny glass shelves and locked display cases filled with Kate’s fancy jewelry. The carpet was black and extra soft, not a speck of the PBJ stains that are carpet has. The walls were red or as Mommy call’s it “Scarlet”. There were a bunch of pretty, colorful paintings of ladies wearing jewelry.
Kate is English, which is a word that means she is really fancy. Whenever Mom and I came to see her, she was dresses in long elegant dresses; never Jeans like Mommy usually wears. She talks very proper and her voice sounds different than anyone else’s voice I had heard, pretty but different sounding. I guess that is what proper people sound like. Most of the kids think she is a mean lady because she doesn’t like kids in her store, but that’s not true. She is actually really nice. My Mom knows her from when she was younger a long time ago, and she lived in England, where Kate is from. So Kate was always nice to me and to my sister Jamie. Also Kate tells us the reason she also is nicer to us is because we obey the rules and listen to what she says. I guess other kids don’t know how or something. Sometimes she even lets me try on Jewelry, only the beady stuff, but it is still fun.
But the absolutely best part about going to Kate’s is that she has a back room filled with English England stuff. Well her and Mommy talk and drink tea, am I free to look around back there and play with all the stuff. It was so fun!!
“Good Morning my dears, what a pleasure to see you both. How do you do?” Kate said as she came out the back to greet us. Kate always dressed very fancy and today she was wearing long black dress that I noticed was really soft when I gave her a hug. It didn’t have any sleeves, which I guess makes since because it was the middle of summer. She was also wearing matching necklace and earrings that had little white beads. Kate always wears jewelry, I think she has too because she owns a jewelry place, like it is a law or something.
“Please, please come to the back with me. I could certainly use a break and a nice cup of ice tea,” Kate said walking over to lock he front door. That was another cool thing, Mom and I were the only ones allowed in here when the door was locked.
The three of us headed to the back room to drink our ice tea. Kate poured us each a tall glass; of course mine was only half full (that way if I spill there will be less mess.) I added a bunch of sugar to mine because I like sugar but I don’t like ice tea. I was just putting in my third big scoop when Mom gave me that look. She didn’t have to tell me, I knew that look meant I needed to stop. So I sat back down (before I was on my knees so that I could reach the bowl in the middle of the table) and I stirred my ice tea.
“So what brings you wonderful ladies to my fabulous store today?” Kate asked swinging her arms out all around her as she spoke, than went back to stirring her tea delicately. Kate was a funny lady, sometimes she was so proper, but other times she was so hyper. She would use big words and swing her arms around, than she would go back to being proper. I loved to watch her because you never knew what she was going to do.
“We are here to get a present for Jamie,” Mom answered.
“Yeah something really, really pretty,” I added. Kate smiled at me and than turned her attention back to Mom.
“Oh yes, that’s right, it is Jamie’s 13th birthday tomorrow isn’t it?” Kate said, quickly putting her hand on her chest. I wondered why she did that. Did the shock of remembering Jamie’s birthday making her heart beat different or did it make her heart do a funny dance in? I imagined her heart doing the cha-cha and laughed quietly into my hand like Daddy does.
“Yes, her 13th, so obviously we want to get her something very special, being that it is such an important birthday,” Mom told Kate.
Lately everyone was saying that this was an important birthday for Jamie, and I wondered why. What was so important about this birthday? Why is it so different from all of Jamie’s other birthdays? I mean 13 is not that different from 6, only 7 years.
“Do you have any ideas Kate? Her Dad and I were thinking something like a charm bracelet or…”
Kate interrupted Mom mid-sentence and began flailing her arms around in a slashing motion in front of her. “No, No, No! Jamie is 13 now, she wants something more adult. A charm bracelet is so childish. I mean she is no longer a child, she needs a gift that says Welcome to Womanhood” Kate finished, swinging her arms out wide in front of her to emphasize the word Womanhood. I laughed quietly in my hand again, although I don’t think it was very quite because turned to look at me and roll her eyes. I could tell she thought that Kate’s crazy arms were funny too.
“Now Kate, she is still a child. I mean certainly she is older, but still definitely a child. We don’t want anything to extravagant,” Mom said, in a voice that was trying hard not to show her amusement.
“Oh pish-posh now Helen, don’t you remember when you were 13? Not to mention, Jamie has always been wise beyond her age and more mature that all the kids in her class. I mean think about last year when all the girls were swooning over that Jessie Carter or Aaron McCartney, whoever he was. Jamie stayed perfectly level headed. For Jamie her 13th birthday might as well be her 17th birthday with the way that girl acts. She needs and deserves extravagant.” Kate said, with more arm gestures than I could count.
Mom sighed and rubber her forehead, a sure sign that trouble was brewing. Mom turned to me and gave me a weak smile. I smile back at her, showing her I was there for support.
“Rori honey, why don’t you go to the back room and play know. I will come and get you when it is time to pick out Jamie’s present.”
I knew Mom was just trying to get rid of me, but I didn’t mind. My ice tea was gross and all the ice cubes had either been eaten or melted. Plus I really want to go and play with all of Kate’s fun collection.
“Sure Mommy,” I said and I got up and walked towards the back room. Kate barely even noticed I had left and began right on talking to mom as if the conversation had never stopped. As I turned down the hall I could hear her “Now Helen really…”
I walked faster.

Well that is all I have for now bros and sisses, but I will definitely post more later. I already have it written in my notebook I just have to type it up. Keep reading to find out what Jamie gets for her birthday and what the White's fun birthday tradition is.
God Bless from your big sis!